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Empowering ONG La Lumière Women Entrepreneurs: Financial Management

Location: Kidira

Assignment Number: SEN367

Volunteers Requested: 1

Recruiter: Selyna Buie | | TBD

Winrock International is seeking assistance from a Farmer-to-Farmer volunteer for a 20-day volunteer assignment, including travel, located in Kidira, Southeastern Senegal. The assignment aims to empower ONG La Lumière women groups and individual business owners with financial management skills to enable them to operate their businesses more effectively and increase their income. The volunteer’s technical assistance will equip the beneficiaries with the knowledge required to comprehend the significance of financial management, utilize it to make informed business decisions, understand basic accounting principles, and implement recordkeeping practices. 

Moreover, the volunteer will help the beneficiaries assess their financial status, determine if their pricing meets costs, ensure adequate cash for expenses, and build savings in interest-bearing accounts. The beneficiaries will also learn how to assess when it is appropriate to seek a loan or alternative financing methods, plan, budget, and establish business objectives.

This training program will equip the women with the necessary tools to manage their finances and avoid running out of capital while expanding their businesses. Ultimately, these skills will enable them to improve their financial management systems, increase their revenue, purchase additional equipment and services, and enhance their processing activities’ productivity.

The volunteer should possess the following qualifications and background:

·       Bachelor’s degree in financial management, agribusiness development, or related fields.

·       ten years’ experience managing finances and developing businesses, including experience training others.

·       Good written and verbal communication skills.

·       French language skills preferred, not mandatory.