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Farming as a Family Business with La Lumiere Women Groups

Location: Kedougou

Assignment Number: SEN369

Volunteers Requested: 1

Recruiter: Sherri Kabaou | | 501.280.3019

Winrock International requests the support of a Farmer-to-Farmer volunteer for a 19-day volunteer assignment (including travel) located in Kedougou, Southeastern Senegal. The volunteer will work with the NGO La Lumiere women groups and individual farmers to build their capacities in farming as a family business. The NGO is looking for support to reinforce those groups in its zone of influence on entrepreneurial skills to successfully operate small-scale farm businesses, understanding farming functions, leadership, delegation of duties, shared tasks, management of farm business resources, etc.

The volunteer will also discuss the importance of keeping records, skills for developing farm business plans and budgets., motivation in farming, risk and time management, human resources involvement, market analysis, contract management, and the planning of operations (calendar of production, choice of seasonal vegetables, production, and costs estimation, etc.). These skills will help family farmers understand the impact of improved management, diversification, and market selection on their farm incomes.

The volunteer should have the following qualifications and background:

·       University degree in agriculture, agribusiness, or another related field.

·       Ten years’ experience developing or running farm businesses.

·       Experience providing training on business development.

·       Ability to train elders and youth, particularly women.

·       Good written and verbal communication skills.

·       French language skills are preferred but not mandatory; an interpreter will be available.