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Winrock International

2022 Annual Report

A Letter from the President 

I’m proud to be part of a global Winrock team that does so much good, and which is so good at finding solutions and building partnerships that endure in the face of challenges. Two thousand twenty-two was another hard year. Even before the pandemic began loosening its grip, Russia invaded Ukraine, inflicting misery on millions of people, exacerbating global supply chain woes and inflation, and prompting the largest refugee flow since World War II. The climate crisis also intensified: monsoon downpours flooded one-third of Pakistan’s agriculture land; record drought withered crops and drained reservoirs in the U.S. southwest; and Hurricane Ian caused $12.6 billion in carnage in Florida. These and other events can no longer be considered rare or extreme; they are our alarming new normal.   

Conflict, climate change, migration, resource competition, economic disruption: How do we respond?   

Winrock is partnering with the communities we serve to strengthen resilience in the face of conflict, climate change and economic uncertainty.  Our 2022 organizational indicator data, listed below, tells part of the story. Winrock’s work removed or reduced nearly 65 million tons of GHG emissions in 2022 – roughly equivalent to the total GHG emissions of Austria. We also announced the launch of Winrock’s new Net Zero Services in 2022 to help businesses and investors design and/or adapt climate change mitigation strategies and develop solutions that enable the private sector to fulfill its role in advancing a net zero world; check out this short video for an overview of this exciting addition to our portfolio. Our climate, human rights, education, economic development and agriculture and water work directly supported nearly 1 million people around the world, and we provided support and services to more than 6,600 survivors of human trafficking and other forms of exploitation.  

I invite you to explore our interactive map for in-depth stories and news from projects around the world.  

To my fellow Winrock team members, and to our partners and funders: Thank you for your contributions. Together, we are making a difference.   


Rodney Ferguson
President & Chief Executive Officer