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American Carbon Registry is Now ACR Underscoring Promise to Deliver Ambitious Climate Results

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — American Carbon Registry is now ACR. The new name underscores the organization’s longstanding promise to deliver Ambitious Climate Results, and better reflects the work being done by ACR’s team of experts across different sectors, geographies, markets, and services. 

Known as ACR by partners and clients for over a decade, the American Carbon Registry was established in 1996 as the world’s first carbon crediting program and has been a leader in the space ever since. While its robust, transparent and secure registry is still a centerpiece of ACR’s program, its contributions to climate action have always been much broader, including pioneering rigorous, science-based carbon accounting standards and methodologies, as well as overseeing independent verification of GHG emission reduction and removals projects.

The new name brings ACR into alignment with the reality that it is a global carbon crediting program focused on a range of greenhouse gases and offering services in addition to the registry. ACR operates in compliance and voluntary carbon markets, including California’s Cap-and-Trade market, the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA), Washington State’s Cap-and-Invest market, Colorado’s Methane Recovery market and has an MoU with the Government of Singapore’s National Environment Agency.

“We have a new name but our promise to partners and the market overall remains the same,” said Mary Grady, ACR Executive Director. “Our mission and dedication to technical expertise and excellent customer service is unchanged.” ACR’s mission is to create confidence in the integrity of carbon markets, catalyzing transformational climate results.

To coincide with its new name, ACR launched a new website, designed to offer users improved functionality and an enhanced experience, with easy access to valuable technical and policy resources related to the different markets in which ACR operates, the ACR registry and linked credit trading platforms, and ACR’s standard and methodologies.

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Winrock has long recognized the threat posed by climate change. ACR, founded in 1996 and operated by Winrock, is dedicated to the belief that markets are the most effective tools to tackle climate change. As such, ACR has developed transparent and science-based methodologies to incentivize carbon reductions in agriculture, transportation and other industries. ACR is also a partner in assuring that California’s landmark Cap-and-Trade Program can manage, verify and credit carbon offsets effectively.