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Winrock International

Environmental Resources Trust

Winrock believes that climate change will have a profound impact on the poorest populations around the world and that markets are the most effective path to mobilize actions to achieve environmental results.

A wholly owned nonprofit enterprise of Winrock International, Environmental Resources Trust (ERT) was founded in 1996 to offer trusted solutions to environmental markets to catalyze transformational climate impacts.

ERT ensures the integrity of environmental assets, including carbon offset credits, by developing science-based, peer reviewed accounting standards, overseeing independent third-party verification of emission reductions and carbon removals and providing transparency throughout the process including the issuance and retirement of serialized offset credits on a public registry system.

Carbon offset credits are eligible from a wide range of emission reduction and removal actions including in the energy, industrial, transportation and forestry sectors including avoided emissions and removals through natural and geologic sequestration.

Issued carbon offset credits can be used in regulated compliance carbon markets as well as by voluntary carbon market buyers towards carbon neutral or Net Zero targets and claims.


ERT is governed by a Board of Managers, all members of Winrock’s Board of Directors.

ERT Officers include: