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Winrock International
Refridgeration truck demonstration

Establishing the Missing Link in the Cold Chain Process in Balochistan

Inauguration of BHCS Reefer Trucking Co.

The Winrock-implemented Pakistan Agriculture and Cold Chain Development (PACCD) initiative has helped established 9,400 tons of cold storage capacity to help farmers in Balochistan prolong the shelf life and marketability of their produce — ultimately resulting in increased profits and income.

However, while instituting cold stores that range from 25 to 1,500 tons of capacity, project staff recognized a missing link in the cold chain process: refrigerated transportation. Relying on the use of traditional trucks without refrigeration can result in the loss of product, because spoilage can occur before the produce even reaches the intended cold storage.

To address this issue, the PACCD project supported the BHCS Reefer Trucking Company to operate a fleet of three refrigerated trucks — the first service of its kind in Balochistan, and one that will help ensure the completion of the cold chain in the region.

Farmers in Balochistan can now reap the benefits of refrigerated transportation from their farms to a variety of markets in other provinces and larger cities to increase profits. The trucking arrangement with producers will also generate enough funds to help sustain BHCS after the project ends.

The Pakistan Agriculture and Cold Chain Development (PACCD) initiative is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture with the goal to increase farmer incomes by strengthening the connections between horticultural and fishery producers in Balochistan and markets in Pakistan.