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Winrock International
Solar lamps

Program Area

Clean Energy

The Clean Energy team targets the technical, policy, and investment foundations necessary to scale up  clean energy, advance economic development, promote energy security and improve the health of people and the environment. We collaboratively design renewable energy solutions in response to the specific needs of partners and clients, including off-grid, mini-grid, and distributed generation, focused on productive uses of energy such as agriculture, small business and income generation. Winrock also mobilizes private investment in renewables and energy efficiency through transaction advisory services and innovative financing. We accelerate markets for productive use solar tech by removing market barriers, demonstrating revenue models for solar pumps and mills, and mobilizing equity investments, loan capital and smallholder loans. We also help to expand markets for clean cooking and promote use of clean, efficient, and safe home cooking, lighting and heating. Winrock also works directly with communities and other partners to    reduce pollution through a collective impact approach that brings government, local organizations and the private sector together to co-develop, introduce and scale solutions.