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USAID/Dominican Republic Solid Waste Reduction Program

Funder: USAID

Project Timeline: March 21, 2024 - March 21, 2029

Country: Dominican Republic

Program Areas: Clean Energy and Environment, Clean Energy and Climate Change

Contacts: Bikash Pandey,; Ruqiya Abdulle, and Firras Traish,

This activity’s goal is to reduce waste in municipalities leading to cleaner oceans in the Dominican Republic. To achieve clean oceans, USAID will work on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic enabling communities and economies to thrive and to build resilience to climate and economic shocks.

The objectives of this activity are:

Best Solid Waste Management practices are implemented in accordance with the 2020 SWM Law at the national and municipal level on the northern coast by building capacity and strengthening governance.

Communities, in coordination with local governments and the private sector, reduce waste at the source by adopting sustainable waste management practices.

Circular economy models are expanded and/or established with private sector partners.