A Pay-for-Performance Approach to Climate Change in Guyana

Project Title: Guyana Forestry Commission Measurement Reporting and Verification (GFC: MRV II)

Heavily forested Guyana is at the forefront of global Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) efforts. In particular, the South American nation has signed an agreement with the government of Norway that financially rewards Guyana for protecting its forests from development. This program enhances the agreement’s transparency and credibility by providing monitoring, reporting and verification services. Winrock has been working with Guyana since 2010 to design its approaches to account for past emissions from forests as well as emissions reductions achieved through REDD programs. These accounting approaches have enabled Guyana to receive performance payments from Norway.

Funder: Guyana Forestry Commission
Project Start: 03/31/2015
Project End: 05/31/2015