Sustaining Indonesia’s Environment and Economy

Project Title: The Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil or Aliansi Sawit Lestari Indonesia (ASLI)

In the last 15 years, Indonesia’s palm oil sector has seen an enormous production increase, leading to growth in smallholder incomes and the overall national economy. However, this expansion has threatened the environment by driving high deforestation and peatland degradation rates. This project, a partnership between USAID, Winrock and Perkumpulan Sawit Lestari, aims to strengthen private sector initiatives that address the link between deforestation and the palm oil industry. It works to enhance technical research on policy and regulatory reform, define and address smallholder sustainability needs, and develop a framework for monitoring and reporting progress against deforestation.

Funder: USAID
Project Start: 03/18/2016
Project End: 03/19/2018