Partnering with Lao Farmers to Expand Trade

Project Title: Creating Linkages for Expanded Agricultural Networks (CLEAN)

Using a value chain approach, the Creating Linkages for Expanded Agricultural Networks (CLEAN) is working to improve the agriculture sector in Laos. The project will increase production and reduce post-harvest losses of clean horticulture to improve quality compliance and certification systems, and develop linkages and increase demand for clean horticulture in domestic, sub-regional and global markets. Together with partners Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Village Focus International (VFI), Winrock will work with market-ready farmers, agro-enterprises, entrepreneurs and traders to grow a wide variety of temperate and tropical fruits and vegetables in two distinct regions: the Bolaven Plateau and the Vientiane Plain.

Project Start: 09/05/2017
Project End: 12/31/2021
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