Using Technology to Achieve Impact at Scale

Project Title: FTF Nigeria Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services Activity

Technology offers the potential to achieve major change, and that is certainly true in Nigerian agricultural sector. Using a facilitative market systems approach for sustainability, this USAID-funded project will take a “farmer-first” perspective to ensure on-farm results and achieve impact at scale. Winrock will partner with micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and key market actors within Nigeria’s aquaculture, cowpea, maize, rice, and soybean value chains. Together, Winrock and these partners will pilot proven technologies, scale up successful ones, and promote the adoption of improved production practices as well as improved service delivery. These efforts are aimed at rapidly, effectively, and sustainably providing access to agro-inputs and service delivery and disseminate extension messaging to at least two million smallholder farmers in Nigeria.

Funder: USAID/Nigeria
Project Start: 05/25/2020
Project End: 05/24/2025
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