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Winrock International


Everglades Carbon Assessment Project

Winrock International and The Everglades Foundation are building upon a lasting collaboration that draws from mutual philosophies, complementary knowledge and skills. The focus of Winrock’s work is on assisting the Foundation to evaluate greenhouse gas emissions from various agricultural, freshwater, and coastal ecosystems across southern Florida. Winrock is also supporting the Foundation’s efforts to quantify the potential climate and economic impacts of ecological restoration taking place within the Everglades. Winrock’s current phase of this work has two key components: 1) Quantifying greenhouse gas emissions and carbon storage within mangrove ecosystems in relation to freshwater restoration efforts; and 2) Completion of a white paper on the science needs for greenhouse gas inventories across the Everglades ecosystem.

Funder: The Everglades Foundation

Project Timeline: September 14, 2024 - December 14, 2027

Country: United States

Program Areas: Clean Energy and Environment, Ecosystem Services, Forestry and Natural Resource Management and Climate Change

Contact: Cody Kiefer,