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Tanzanian children in classroom

Legacy Project

Promoting Sustainable Practices to Eradicate Child Labour in Tobacco (PROSPER)

Social and economic pressures far too often lead Tanzanian children into the workforce. The Promoting Sustainable Practices to Eradicate Child Labor in Tobacco program, or PROSPER, seeks to prevent and withdraw youth of all ages from child labor, especially in the tobacco industry. PROSPER addresses the root causes that fuel child labor and offers alternatives through everything from vocational agriculture training, scholarships, entrepreneurship and business skill education for mothers to policy and advocacy initiatives. By collaborating with the government, private sector employers, communities and civil society organizations, PROSPER seeks to eliminate child labor in tobacco growing areas of Tanzania.

Funder: ECLT Foundation

Project Timeline: July 5, 2011 - May 31, 2016

Country: Tanzania

Program Areas: Human Rights, Education and Empowerment , Child Labor Prevention and Education