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Winrock International


South Sudan Literacy Instructional Materials Literature Review


The South Sudan Room to Learn (RtL) project is a five-year, USAID-funded project, led by Winrock InternaConal and supported by FHI 360. The goals of RtL are to: a) improve and expand safer educaCon services for children and youth; b) enhance relevance and promote learner wellbeing; and c) strengthen quality and management at the county and payam level to support basic educaCon. Among other acCviCes, FHI 360 will focus on improving basic reading outcomes in naConal languages and English among learners in formal lower primary (P1-P3) and in the AlternaCve EducaCon System (AES), including the Pastoralist EducaCon Program (PEP). During the first year of implementaCon, RtL will focus its literacy acCviCes on PEP, expanding to addiConal AES sectors and formal primary in subsequent years.