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Winrock International
Ghanaian woman sorting cocoa pods

Winrock International awarded project to reduce child labor in cocoa-growing communities in Ghana

November 10, 2015 — The United States Department of Labor announced today a new project to reduce child labor in cocoa-growing communities in Ghana.

Winrock International was awarded the four-year project, “Mobilizing Community Action and Promoting Opportunities for Youth in Ghana’s Cocoa-Growing Communities,” which will empower 40 cocoa-growing communities to design and implement Community Action Plans to address child labor at the community level. The project will also address child labor by helping approximately 3,200 vulnerable youth, ages 15-17, in cocoa-growing areas of Ghana to further their education or develop marketable skills to secure work that is appropriate for their ages. In addition, it will provide livelihood services to approximately 1,600 adult female household members.

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