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Winrock International

Arkansas Apprenticeship Pathways Initiative

Workforce Development

The Arkansas Department of Workforce Services is implementing a U.S. Department of Labor American Apprenticeship Initiative grant to expand apprenticeship training programs in high-growth and high-tech industries in Arkansas.

Winrock International is supporting this effort by developing and implementing an outreach strategy to reach identified targeted populations.


Winrock will identify and catalog nonprofit organizations and service providers who provide support to targeted population groups with the intent of increasing the diversity of individuals referred to and enrolled in apprenticeship training programs.

Winrock will reach service providers who already provide much-needed support to targeted underserved populations.

Through this outreach, Winrock will educate service providers on available training programs and provide access to necessary tools for participant enrollment.

Winrock will be a liaison between training providers and organizations serving targeted population groups to make connections between apprenticeship training and employment opportunities.

Referral and Enrollment Process:
STEP ONE: Review available trainings here.
STEP TWO: Complete the Intake Form and the Referral Form found below
STEP THREE: Contact the local training provider with Intake Form and Referral Form
STEP FOUR: Send the Referral Form to Michelle Perez at

Each training provider has different required prerequisites or assessments that must be completed prior to enrollment. The contact with each training provider should be able to assist the participant with this process.

Targeted Population Groups
Winrock will conduct outreach to service providers of targeted population groups defined by the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services and the U.S. Department of Labor. Targeted population groups including, veterans, minorities, ex-offenders, and the long-term unemployed.

Training Programs
Available trainings include advanced manufacturing, construction trades, HVAC, information technology, law enforcement, transportation and pre-apprenticeship. For a list of current trainings click here.
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