A Market-Based Approach to Protect Indonesia’s Peatlands

Project Title: Sustainable Peatland Business Model

The degradation of carbon-rich peatlands in Indonesia has led to destructive wildfires and surging greenhouse gas emissions in recent years. Winrock is working with multiple groups in Indonesia to identify opportunities for peatland restoration, including the government of the Siak regency, Indonesia’s National Peatland Restoration Agency, the private sector and local stakeholders. These efforts target both conservation and production through sustainable wetland cropping systems, known as paludiculture. Paludiculture is a peatland management approach scalable across Indonesia. It can help smallholder farmers transition toward more sustainable land use systems, and significantly mitigate the impacts of fire, land subsidence and greenhouse gas emissions from Indonesia’s degrading peatlands.

Funder: Good Energies Foundation
Project Start: 04/01/2019
Project End: 07/31/2022