Combating Child Labor in Liberia’s Rubber Growing Communities

Project Title: Actions to Reduce Child Labor (ARCH) Project

Agriculture, particularly rubber, is an important contributor to the Liberian economy. A significant number of children are involved in the production of rubber due to household poverty, the high cost of adult labor, a lack of awareness about the hazards of work and limited access to education. Under these economic and social conditions, children perform difficult and dangerous labor that affects their health, their ability to attend school and their social development. Winrock confronts the challenges faced by child laborers and their households by raising awareness of the importance of education and the dangers of hazardous work. By forming partnerships with the government and private sector, this program provides material and social support needed to get children back into school. This includes securing income opportunities for parents so that they no longer need to rely on child labor and delivering modern agricultural-vocational training to children in order to increase their opportunities for decent and productive employment.

Funder: USDOL
Project Start: 12/27/2012
Project End: 04/30/2017