Volunteer ag experts share knowledge in West Africa

Project Title: West Africa Farmer-to-Farmer

The always-evolving challenges of the agriculture sector in West Africa require solutions from a new and innovative generation of agriculture educators, technicians, farmers and agribusinesses. The USAID-funded West Africa Farmer-to-Farmer program will send expert U.S. volunteers to Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria and Senegal to share their knowledge directly with agriculture stakeholders to address critical needs. These priorities include reducing poverty, providing essential services and technologies to smallholders, and educating young women and men for meaningful and productive work.
Winrock’s West Africa Farmer-to-Farmer program will:

• Improve agriculture education and training
• Develop rural livelihoods
• Increase postharvest quality

Funder: USAID
Project Start: 10/01/2018
Project End: 09/30/2023