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Winrock Tools

In a world that demands measurement and accountability, Winrock has the tools to provide them. A leader in providing scientific and data-driven accounting of ecosystem services, Winrock has developed a series of innovative tools that marry advanced science with intuitive, user-friendly interfaces to support informed decision-making.

Winrock tools monitor greenhouse gas emissions, evaluate the impact of land-use decisions and identify climate resiliency. They deliver high-quality analyses and information to broad audiences by combining interactive mapping with advanced global datasets.

Built with extensive consultations with funders and end-users USAID, the World Bank and the social impact firm Acumen, Winrock’s tools bridge the gap between scientific research and practical application and ensure that design and methodological approach align with available data and technology.

The FLR Carbon Storage Calculator estimates how much carbon different forest landscape restoration activities store as they grow. Drawing from a global database of carbon removal rates, it applies user-provided information on area under restoration and location to automatically calculate results annually and cumulatively for agroforestry, plantations and woodlots, natural regeneration, and mangrove restoration activities worldwide. The Microsoft Excel-based Forest Landscape Restoration Climate Impact Tool is also available for download for practitioners who wish to evaluate how much carbon is stored/sequestered/removed across a wide range of geographies simultaneously. For more information on how the database and tools were developed, see Bernal, B., LT Murray, Pearson, TR. 2018 Global Carbon Dioxide Removal Rates from Forest Landscape Restoration Activities. Journal of Carbon Balance and Management, 13:22 and this press release.

WinRes evaluates how specific investments can mitigate risk, improve resilience, and pinpoints potential negative impacts. Developed in collaboration with Acumen, the tool uses the Green Climate Fund (GCF) results measurement framework to shape a consistent, rapid, and robust identification how these investments affect communities’ resilience to climate change. For more information about this tool, contact

The Grow Asia Counter allows producers to estimate, compare and monitor the greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural commodity production in Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar and the Philippines. The tool is being used by 261 partner organizations and is directly impacting 471,000 small farmers.

The Watershed Ecosystems Service Tool (WESTool) is a land use planning tool built for decision-makers in Cambodia. By applying advanced water modeling and satellite imagery to estimate expected changes in water availability, sediment and nutrient loss, water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions associated with land use changes, it can help determine the best policies and practices for agriculture and land management. It has been used to calculate ecosystem services for 80 percent of Cambodia’s land, home to 8.7 million people.

The World Bank Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) Decision Support Tool is an interactive online tool that allows countries to make data-driven decisions in the development of their REDD+ programs. By allowing countries to explore the implications of key REDD+ decisions and create initial estimates of historical emissions from deforestation, degradation and enhancements, it is a powerful tool for planning REDD+ programs.

Climate Change and Carbon Accounting Toolkit

Winrock’s scientists have developed comprehensive guidance and a series of tools for estimating terrestrial carbon stocks of any land cover type. This includes guidelines on the sampling design, field measurement methods, and carbon stock calculation methods. These methods have been tested across the world over the past twenty years and have been adopted worldwide. These manuals and associated calculation tools are available to the public for free via the links below. Any questions about these methods or tools can be directed to: