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Winrock And Concordia Confront Global Challenges At 2017 Summit

Winrock President and CEO Rodney Ferguson and other Winrock leaders were among the 3,300 delegates attending the 2017 Concordia Summit , a gathering of leaders and innovators from across governments, sectors and the world.

“Winrock’s thought leadership is well represented at the 2017 Concordia Summit with our partnerships on the Campaign Against Labor Trafficking and the Campaign for a Sustainable Global Food Supply,” says Chris “Kiff” Gallagher, senior vice president of growth and external affairs, who led the partnership effort for Winrock. “Together, we can confront some of the world’s most complex challenges.”

Concordia Co-Founders Nicholas Logothetis and Matthew Swift opened the Summit.

Winrock’s Amit Bando, Senior Director, Clean Energy, Environment and Water, spoke during the Strategic Dialogue: Sustainable Infrastructure: Financing and Supporting Service Delivery in Africa.

In an interview with Tara Kangarlou, Winrock President & CEO Rodney Ferguson discussed partnering with Concordia on two campaigns and our development innovations around the world. 

“We had great aspirations, and still do.” – Rodney Ferguson

Steve Brunn, Director of Public Private Partnerships, spoke during the Strategic Dialogue The Practicalities of Partnership-Building: Best Practices From P3 Impact Award Finalists

Dr. John Fisk, Director of Winrock’s Wallace Center, spoke during the Strategic Dialogue: Food Policy and Our Future

President and CEO Rodney Ferguson delivered remarks at the film premiere of Concordia Campaign for a Sustainable Global Food Supply, which features Winrock’s Wallace Center and Director of the Wallace Center, Dr. John Fisk.

Pablo Ramirez, Director, Blended Finance, spoke during the Strategic Dialogue: Risk and Reward: Innovative Financing Solutions to Achieve the SDGs

Katie Henke, Director, Civic Engagement and Social Equity, spoke during the Strategic Dialogue: Harnessing Partnerships Against Modern Day Slavery