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Winrock International

February 2018

Celebrating the Leadership of Survivors

February 27, 2018

Evelyn Chumbow was only 9 years old when her uncle sold her into slavery for $2,000. Her mother thought she was coming to the U.S. from Cameroon for an education. Chumbow, who grew up with American television shows like “Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” hoped she was coming to the U.S. to meet American movie […]

Why the Mara River Basin?

February 23, 2018

Originating from the Mau Escarpment in Kenya’s Rift valley, the Mara River Basin covers nearly 14,000 square kilometers, providing a vital source of life in Kenya and Tanzania. The river traverses the towering Mau Forest, wanders through tea plantations and growing settlements in the upper Basin, and watering the rangelands of Maasai pastoral communities. The […]
Winrock News

Raising Cattle, Improving Lives

February 16, 2018

“After F2F training, I improved feeding for my three cows and three calves, which helped to increase milk production from five to 10 liters per day.” — Sucharita Thikadar Small-scale cattle-rearing generates income, spurs entrepreneurship and is an excellent opportunity for young people, especially women, in Bangladesh. But without technical knowledge, business acumen, access to […]

U.S. Officials Visit Bangladesh CTIP Shelter

February 8, 2018

“My local broker promised to manage a job in the destination country with 50 to 70 thousand taka (about $600 to $830 U.S.) monthly, but I was sold as a sex worker there and never get the money. Over a long struggle, I came back to my country but rejected by the society and even […]


February 6, 2018

A year ago, Winrock International lost one of its valuable and visionary voices. Senior Scientist Dr. Sandra Brown, who died February 13, 2017, developed innovative methods to evaluate the environmental benefits of improved land management. She came to Winrock because she wanted to see the results of her research applied to benefit people around the […]

His Business is Growing

February 5, 2018

To understand just how much how Farmer-to-Farmer helps young entrepreneurs, meet Nepal’s Binod Chaulagain, who lost his father when he was just 12 years old. His family was uneducated, so he began to think about ways he could help them. He came up with a small livestock and forage production business — but quickly realized […]

Staying Afloat

February 3, 2018

If you travel to Cambodia’s Tonle Sap basin, you might see flooded fields full of what look like reeds, foliage waving above the surface of the water. While it may not look like much, it’s actually rice  — “floating” or “deepwater” rice. Flooding is a fact of life near the constantly rising and falling Tonle Sap […]

Putting Monetary Value on Kenyan Forests to Encourage Conservation

February 2, 2018

If you’re talking about water, you’re talking about trees. The value of Kenya’s high-elevation forests extends beyond their great beauty and geological diversity. The country depends on five major forest watersheds or “water towers” – Aberdares, Cherangani Hills, Mau Complex, Mt. Elgon and Mt. Kenya – for most of her water, energy and habitat that harbors […]