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Winrock International

June 2023

Judy Weishar named Winrock International’s new Chief Financial Officer

June 23, 2023

LITTLE ROCK, ARK. ─ Winrock International is pleased to announce Judy Weishar as its new Chief Financial Officer. Weishar, who was promoted to CFO effective July 1, 2023, from her position as Winrock’s acting institutional controller, has more than 15 years of experience in international development finance and compliance. She previously taught accounting and related […]

Committing to a child labor-free world

June 14, 2023

I want to share an update on some of the U.S. Department of Labor-funded MATE MASIE project’s inspiring successes as we work with communities, government and other important stakeholders in Ghana to better understand the complex drivers of child labor in the cocoa industry, and to develop solutions to prevent it. It is important for […]

A Holistic Approach to Girls’ Education Leads to Better Learning Outcomes

June 13, 2023

This post originally appeared on USAID’s site on May 15, 2023. “With the GLEE project, my motivation for schooling increased because the mentor sensitized us about early marriage, the use of sanitation pads, and the importance of schooling for girls.” – Hawa WARME, 13 year old girl, 5th grade Adolescence is a time of […] features Winrock senior program manager

June 12, 2023, a news site that covers farming and livestock, featured Winrock’s Jon Winsten in an article headlined: “Grazing: Economies of scale to lower overhead costs.” Winsten, a senior program manager on the Ecosystem Services team, shared information about a three-pronged strategy that puts cows out to graze well-managed pasture forages, focuses on labor efficiency and […]

Partnering with local champions and governments to strengthen systems to reduce child labor

June 9, 2023

Today, nearly 160 million children worldwide are engaged in child labor. An estimated 79 million of those children perform hazardous work, using dangerous tools like knives or machetes to maintain cocoa and coffee crops or process dried fish, to provide a few examples from the agriculture and fishing industries. Many of these children work up […]

Winrock International’s Board of Directors and Senior Leadership Visit Projects in Senegal

June 9, 2023

Nine members of Winrock International’s Board of Directors, including Board Chairman Jude Kearney, joined Winrock CEO and Board President Rodney Ferguson and senior Winrock staff on an activity-packed trip to Senegal to learn about Winrock’s impacts in the fast-growing West African country. In addition to Kearney and Ferguson, traveling Winrock board members included Peter O’Neill, […]

Sundsmo shares Winrock expertise building partnerships and solutions for “just and sustainable” food systems and livelihoods

June 6, 2023

Winrock’s Associate Vice President for Agriculture, Resilience and Water Aaron Sundsmo joined a USAID panel with other experts to discuss experiences and strategies to strengthen food systems to be more just and sustainable. Protecting food security, ensuring adequate nutrition, access to water and livelihoods opportunities have all become increasingly important in the face of climate […]
Winrock News

Final United States and Jamaica annual bilateral dialogue under the Child Protection Compact Partnership

June 1, 2023

The United States and Jamaican government officials, along with implementing partners the International Organization for Migration and Warnath Group, convened for the final bilateral dialogue under the United States-Jamaica Child Protection Compact (CPC) Partnership, a jointly developed plan signed by both governments in May 2018.  The dialogue focused on shared accomplishments, challenges, and how to […]