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Advancing Public and Private Sector Partnerships toward Restoration and Conservation of Peatlands in Indonesia

This third phase of the Good Energies’ project seeks to facilitate a transformational shift in Indonesia’s peatland management and conservation. Driven by private sector demand, this project coordinates with the government of Riau and Siak, along with local communities and farmers who live and work in the peatland to implement the newly developed Green Siak […]

Enabling Farmers for Agricultural Transformation (EFAT)

EFAT has three broad objectives: EFAT has primary activities in Senegal and Ghana, responds to the needs of USAID missions worldwide and supports a global community of practice on extension and advisory services.

Multicultural Business Xcellerator (MBX)

The Multicultural Business Xcellerator (MBX) project, funded by the Walton Family Foundation, will provide tailored support and funding to a cohort of self-identified socially and economically disadvantaged entrepreneurs who are founders or co-founders of Seed/Series A investment-ready companies. This support will include mentorship, access to capital and networking opportunities. By addressing under-represented entrepreneurs in the…

Ashshash Phase II: For Men and Women Who Have Escaped Trafficking

The second phase of Winrock International’s Ashshash project is being implemented in Bangladesh, in collaboration with local partners and governmental agencies. Ashshash is funded by the Embassy of Switzerland in Bangladesh. The project works to ensure the protection of human trafficking survivors through various social and economic support services. And, prevent trafficking across at-risk and […]

Jamaica Supporting Victims of Violence

In partnership with the Government of Jamaica, USAID has invested significantly in Jamaica’s violence prevention and protection efforts. Through the USAID Supporting Victims of Violence Activity, Winrock International and partners will leverage these investments to intensify multi-stakeholder coordination to provide wrap-around and trauma-informed services to survivors and expand the availability of information on survivors, witnesses […]

Growing Value for Producers Through Increased Access to Markets for Climate Smart Commodities

Winrock’s Growing Value for Producers Through Increased Access to Markets for Climate Smart Commodities project will create and implement a farmer-friendly system that: This project  will incentivize producers to adopt Natural Resources Conservation Service or equivalent practices on 50,000 new acres not currently receiving NRCS payments (for the same practice, on the same plot), increasing […]
Strengthening Landscape Management and Conservation

Strengthening Landscape Management and Conservation

India is home to some of the largest forests in south Asia, and is rich in wildlife and biodiversity. The ecosystems Indian landscapes support are home to hundreds of species of birds, reptiles, invertebrates and mammals, including Asian elephants and Bengal tigers. India’s forests also are home to communities who rely upon them for food,…
Supporting Health Advances for Rural Employees (SHARE I and SHARE II)

Supporting Health Advances for Rural Employees (SHARE I and SHARE II)

Productivity is highest when employees are healthy. Increased sick time, disability, and employee turnover are all costly to employers. In rural areas, access to healthcare is limited, while rates of chronic disease are often much higher than in urban areas. For rural employers, this means that employees are more likely to have health concerns and […]
Kazakhstan Actions Against Trafficking in Children (KATCH)

Kazakhstan Actions Against Trafficking in Children (KATCH)

As a transit and destination location for migrants from the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan ─ Central Asia’s largest country ─ faces increased domestic and international migration, exacerbated by economic turmoil from the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. For example, thousands of undocumented Uzbekistani migrants transit into Kazakhstan each day via informal […]
B-PEMS AugroJatra: Program to End Modern Slavery

B-PEMS AugroJatra 

Bangladesh’s location, low-lying topography, high population density, and weak infrastructure make it highly susceptible to climate change-driven natural disasters. Vulnerable populations who lose their property or income in these events are at risk of becoming victims of trafficking in persons (TIP), as traffickers often prey on those who are desperate and without many options for […]
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