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USAID Upper Lempa Watershed Project

USAID Upper Lempa Watershed Project

The USAID Upper Lempa Watershed Project will improve the health and resilience of the Upper Lempa watershed, directly impacting the well-being and water security of 180,000 people in nine municipalities in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, setting the foundation for water resources management essential to millions of people who depend on the Lempa River and […]
West Africa Biodiversity and Low Emissions Development (WABiLED) activity

West Africa Biodiversity and Low Emissions Development (WABiLED) activity

The West Africa Biodiversity and Low Emissions Development activity promotes biodiversity conservation and supports climate-resilient, low emissions development in the West African countries of Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. As a partnering organization in this USAID activity, Winrock will support the development and implementation of rural livelihood activities that generate income and support…
SafeStep Project

SafeStep Project

The SafeStep mobile phone application was originally designed and launched in 2020 by a consortium including ELEVATE, Diginex and Winrock International with funding from UK aid and the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery (GFEMS) to support Bangladeshi migrants traveling to Gulf Coast countries. It has been expanded with additional funding from GFEMS and new…

USAID’s Esho Shikhi Activity

USAID’s Esho Shikhi Activity will increase learning opportunities, enhance teaching quality and teaching learning materials to improve quality education in selected subjects, strengthen the capacity of field-level mentors to deliver quality education, and improve school communities’ ability to mitigate and manage the effects of shocks and stressors on education access and quality. Esho Shikhi will…

USAID Entrepreneurship & Investment Activity

Each year an estimated 300,000 young new job seekers enter Senegal’s workforce. With few opportunities for wage-based employment, self-employment and entrepreneurship currently offer the most viable path to self-sufficiency for Senegalese youth. While small and medium-sized enterprises represent 90% of Senegal’s private sector, most of these businesses are operated and managed informally, resulting in low…

Advancing Organic Agriculture in the Mid-South

Winrock’s Advancing Organic Agriculture in the Mid-South project takes a research- and evidence-based approach to generate and share practical information to farmers who are interested in transitioning to, and/or becoming certified organic producers. Focusing on the three mid-Southern states of Arkansas, Missouri, and Tennessee ─ where organic production lags behind much of the rest of…

Readying Small Businesses for Capital Access

The COVID-19 crisis and associated economic downturn disproportionately impact Black and other minority-owned businesses across the U.S., in part because they have more difficulty securing business loans than non-minority-owned enterprises. Minority-owned businesses can also lack the cash flow buffer needed to remain liquid during downturns, as well as lacking access to traditional sources of capital…

USAID’s Fight Slavery and Trafficking-in-Persons (FSTIP) Activity

Human trafficking is a major problem in Bangladesh, which is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women and children trafficked into forced labor, commercial sexual exploitation, child marriage and other abusive situations. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated vulnerabilities to trafficking, exploitation, and child marriage, as widespread loss of livelihood opportunities and employment, restrictions on […]

Blue Carbon Feasibility Study for the Bahamas

The resiliency of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas under a changing climate depends on healthy coastal wetlands that protect communities from rising sea levels, saltwater intrusion, and increased frequency of storms. Mangroves are coastal wetlands with unique carbon and resiliency benefits, and can enhance the Bahamian government’s ability to mitigate and adapt to climate change…

USAID Reducing Pollution

The USAID Reducing Pollution activity is a five-year project that supports locally-driven initiatives that substantially reduce environmental pollution in Vietnam through a collective impact approach. The project will build the capacity of government, local nongovernmental organizations and private sector partners to prevent, mitigate and reduce environmental pollution, and increase the capacity of stakeholders to generate, […]
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