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Winrock International

December 2019

Schartup and Beaujault to lead Sahel Water Security and Resilience Effort

December 30, 2019

Winrock International’s Sustainable Water Partnership is pleased to announce the additions of Harvey Schartup as chief of party and Patrice Beaujault as deputy chief of party of the USAID-funded TerresEauVie (TEV) water security and resilience activity in Niger and Burkina Faso. “I am excited to begin the work of addressing this region’s challenges through TerresEauVie,” Schartup said. “These challenges […]

A Road Map to Greater Water Security

December 20, 2019

One of the USAID-funded Sustainable Water Partnership’s (SWP) most exciting initiatives is its role facilitating water allocation plans in the Mara River Basin. The Mara, which supports a world-famous ecosystem depended on by some 1.2 million people in Kenya and Tanzania, is losing water due to factors such as population growth, deforestation, and climate change […]

Helping Vietnam Track its PFES Impacts

December 20, 2019

Since 2012, the USAID Vietnam Forests and Deltas program (VFD) has been helping the Government of Vietnam develop and operationalize a national Payment for Forest Environmental Services (PFES) program that has already directed over USD $500 million to forest owners as financial compensation for maintaining forest cover. For example, Vietnam’s hydroelectric power plants now reward […]

Embedded at COP25

December 19, 2019

At the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP 25, held December 2-13 in Madrid, Winrock experts spoke at multiple events on many of the defining topics of COP25: carbon markets, community-led adaptation, and private sector engagement in adaptation. Michael Cote, Meghan Doherty, Mary Grady, Chris Hancock, John Kadyszewski, Jennifer Norfolk and Anmol Vanamali were all […]

Educating girls, changing lives

December 17, 2019

Every weekday morning, 26-year-old teacher Fily Camara drives nearly two hours from her home in Bandiagara along dusty roads to a rural village called Tongnon. Sometimes, she admits, she’s scared. Outside the cities of this hot, arid country just south of the Sahara Desert, armed militants are known to attack or kidnap motorists as an […]

‘You can accomplish a dream — you can jump out there and do it.’

December 13, 2019

“I grew up in a family with 56 women and four men. So essentially, we had a whole lotta moms and not a lot of  dads” Winrock’s Chauncey Holloman Pettis told the crowd at The Yarn, an organization that uses the power of storytelling to build understanding and human connection in Little Rock, Arkansas. “This left the […]

Matching Innovation to Need

December 12, 2019

Luis took a break from the virtual welding station and approached a man holding a pen and a reporter’s notebook. Luis, 50, drives a forklift on an early-morning shift, he explained, and welding could be a path to a brighter and more lucrative future. “It’s a good option for when I need a new job,” […]

On the Frontlines of Climate Change

December 9, 2019

Bangladesh regularly tops the list of countries most heavily affected by global climate change. With over half the U.S. population in a country the size of New York state, its vulnerability is compounded by low-lying, flood-plain geography, limited infrastructure and high exposure to natural disasters and extreme weather. The day I landed in Dhaka, the […]