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Winrock International
Burkina Faso family at water pump

Program Area


Population growth and climate change are impacting access to reliable supplies of clean water for drinking, sanitation, agriculture and commerce around the world. Winrock addresses these essentials simultaneously rather than project by project. We work with local partners including community-based organizations, regional, national and transnational water management entities to support improved management of and increased investments in water capture, storage and irrigation infrastructure, as well as water quality monitoring. We help communities and smallholders secure the water access they need by supporting and expanding inclusive land and resource allocation agreements; strengthening local capacity to reduce conflicts over water resources; and promoting evidence-based approaches and technology for efficient water management. Winrock prioritizes data-led consensus building solutions to strengthen water resource management to facilitate reliable, equitable access to the multiple uses of water services as unpredictable weather and rising temperatures and sea levels alter the availability and quality of water supply.

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