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USAID Climate Resilient Agriculture in the Mekong Delta (CRM)

The Mekong Delta in the south of Vietnam, a region of 40,000 square kilometers and approximately 18 million people, is among the world’s most vulnerable regions to the impacts of climate change. It is an agricultural powerhouse that produces roughly half of Vietnam’s total rice harvest and nearly three-quarters of its fruit, aquaculture, and fisheries […]
Strengthening Landscape Management and Conservation

Strengthening Landscape Management and Conservation

India is home to some of the largest forests in south Asia, and is rich in wildlife and biodiversity. The ecosystems Indian landscapes support are home to hundreds of species of birds, reptiles, invertebrates and mammals, including Asian elephants and Bengal tigers. India’s forests also are home to communities who rely upon them for food,…
B-PEMS AugroJatra: Program to End Modern Slavery

B-PEMS AugroJatra 

Bangladesh’s location, low-lying topography, high population density, and weak infrastructure make it highly susceptible to climate change-driven natural disasters. Vulnerable populations who lose their property or income in these events are at risk of becoming victims of trafficking in persons (TIP), as traffickers often prey on those who are desperate and without many options for […]

Market Transitions to Enable New Growth Opportunities (MTENGO)

The USDA-funded Market Transitions to Enable New Growth Opportunities (MTENGO) project uses a farmer-first approach grounded in market incentives to increase resource-efficient, reliable agricultural production in Malawi in the face of climate unpredictability. MTENGO, which means both “value” and “foundation” in Chichewa, a language spoken in Malawi, enables farmers to adopt climate smart agriculture and […]

Thailand Regional Agriculture Innovation Network (RAIN)

The USDA-funded Thailand RAIN project identifies, validates, scales and shares climate-smart agriculture technologies and practices that have been validated through a rigorous, evidence-based, participatory process.
Improved Access to Safe Drinking Water in Liberia

Improved Access to Safe Drinking Water in Liberia

In partnership with WaterAid and FEI Consulting, Winrock will use a phased capacity-building approach to empower and incentivize LGIs and WSPs to collaborate to improve and expand equitable and sustainable pay-for-use water services. This approach is built on a foundation of transparency, accountability, inclusivity, and continuous improvement through use of data and evidence for informed […]

USAID Entrepreneurship & Investment Activity

Each year an estimated 300,000 young new job seekers enter Senegal’s workforce. With few opportunities for wage-based employment, self-employment and entrepreneurship currently offer the most viable path to self-sufficiency for Senegalese youth. While small and medium-sized enterprises represent 90% of Senegal’s private sector, most of these businesses are operated and managed informally, resulting in low…

Blue Carbon Feasibility Study for the Bahamas

The resiliency of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas under a changing climate depends on healthy coastal wetlands that protect communities from rising sea levels, saltwater intrusion, and increased frequency of storms. Mangroves are coastal wetlands with unique carbon and resiliency benefits, and can enhance the Bahamian government’s ability to mitigate and adapt to climate change…

USAID Reducing Pollution

The USAID Reducing Pollution activity is a five-year project that supports locally-driven initiatives that substantially reduce environmental pollution in Vietnam through a collective impact approach. The project will build the capacity of government, local nongovernmental organizations and private sector partners to prevent, mitigate and reduce environmental pollution, and increase the capacity of stakeholders to generate, […]

Global Nestlé Net Zero Project

Nestlé has committed to reducing its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 20 percent by 2025, to cut its GHG emissions in half by 2030, and to achieve net zero by 2050 – even as its business continues to grow. (For more details, see Nestlé Net Zero Roadmap.) Winrock International is supporting Nestlé to identify reduction…
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