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Vietnam forests

Legacy Project

Vietnam Forests and Deltas (VFD)

The USAID Vietnam Forests and Deltas Program supports Vietnam’s transition to resilient, sustainable development. The first phase of the program (2012-2018) helped put national policies and strategies into practice to respond to environmental change, with a focus on the forestry and agriculture sectors, disaster risk reduction, and strengthening livelihoods. Beginning in 2018, the program’s second phase focuses on supporting the Government of Vietnam (GVN) to ensure that the payment for forest environmental services (PFES) system—a critical component of forest programs in Vietnam—is an effective tool in accomplishing the country’s environmental and socio-economic goals.

Funder: USAID

Project Timeline: October 15, 2012 - May 31, 2021

Country: Vietnam

Program Areas: Agriculture, Resilience and Water , Clean Energy and Environment, Ecosystem Services, Forestry and Natural Resource Management, Biodiversity and Climate Change

Contact: Brian Bean,

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6.6M ha

of forest protected through PFES in 2020


infnds transferred since the onset of PFES from 2011 to 2020


people trained on climate change adaptation


households benefitting annually


adopted climate change risk reduction practices