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A much-needed scholarship from the Gender Equity through Education program allowed Doru to return to school.

Scholarship Program Helps Young Women in South Sudan

February 15, 2013

Only 18, Doru Celina dropped out of school because of a domestic workload that left her with little time to study. Doru, who lives in Kajo Keji, Southern Sudan (now known as South Sudan since gaining independence in 2011), would help her mother sell condiments door-to-door or at the market. She also cooked and did […]
group of women working

AMORE Helps Mindanao Women Rebuild Their War-Torn Villages

February 11, 2013

That was 11 years ago, when more than 100,000 people (mostly women and children) had fled their homes because of air raids and fierce gun battles in an all-out war in Mindanao, in the Philippines. Today, Bai Aniza and her neighbors are sowing the seeds of peace in their own village. Winrock’s help — through […]
Volunteer Eliana Pinilla (right) and a CENTA technician test the best quantity of sorghum flour to mix with wheat for artisan bakeries countrywide.

Bringing Nutritious Food to Salvadoran Families, Raising Incomes

February 11, 2013

In 2005, Blanca Perdomo and 38 others started Las Bromas Cooperative in El Salvador to diversify agricultural production as a way to increase income and improve their lives. Like many women in her community, Blanca used to be a full-time housewife, taking care of her house and children while also helping her husband on the […]
Alice Makau raises chickens to earn income and feed her family.

Helping Women Feed Their Families in Rural Kenya

February 7, 2013

In rural Kenya, women have few resources to call their own. Despite this, they are primarily responsible for feeding their families and taking on the lion’s share of household and agricultural work. Employment and income generating opportunities for women are meager, particularly given the time constraints of heavy household demands. More than 30 percent of […]
After years of servitude, Ram Kumari Chaudhary enjoys her job as a mason, which brings income and empowerment.

Education and Training Empower Disadvantaged Youth in Nepal

January 31, 2013

For four years, Ram Kumari Chaudhary worked in bonded servitude for a landlord in Ghorahi, Dang, Nepal. Ram Kumari, who comes from an impoverished family, was sold into servitude by her father for much-needed income. Although the practice — referred to as Kamlari — is illegal, the tradition still survives in the Dang and Deukari valleys […]
Elsie is a grandmother caring for three grandsons, two of whom have been orphaned.

Scholarships Ease Burdens on Grandmothers in Southern Africa

January 31, 2013

In AIDS-affected communities in southern Africa, grandmothers often assume responsibility for children who have been orphaned by the epidemic. The U.S. Agency for International Development-funded AMBASSADORS GIRLS SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM (AGSP) alleviates some of the financial burden on these grandmothers by offering scholarships to their grandchildren. Because the grandmothers are often too old to work, the scholarships make a big difference by covering […]

A Kabori Story

December 7, 2010

Ali Maman is a farmer and gardener. He lives with his three wives, Hadiza, Habiba and Nanuwa, five children, and six grandchildren in the village of Kabori, Zinder Region, in Niger. Alli’s Story “Me, before the project came, you can see the work that I used to do. It’s just some sugarcane and some squash […]

The Story of Suon Seng

July 15, 2009

In November 2008, Suon Seng was selected as the winner of the John D. Rockefeller 3RD Scholars Program grant competition for research on Avian Influenza in Cambodia and Laos. For Seng, a 34-year old researcher who specializes in avian and livestock diseases, the opportunity to conduct independent research and influence policy had seemed an unlikely […]
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